Dynasty 83 Records



 Sixx was first introduced to Hip-Hop music while watching RapCity.  He was greatly influenced by the Hip Hop movement, and adopted this form of art to express himself.  Sixx had been living on the streets since the age of 18, going from shelter to shelter.  At the age of 21, Sixx was falsely accused of armed robbery and served time in prison while awaiting his trial. Almost a one year later, Sixx’s charges were dropped and he was finally released.  This experience made Sixx stronger, and he decided to tell his story through music.  Sixx was signed to Dynasty83Records in June 2008.


Sinister aka Dope Boy Majic is an up and coming MC out of Toronto. Sinister was always a fan of hip hop some of his main inspirations stemming from the east coast IE. Ghostface Killah, Kool G Rap, Big L and Big Punisher. He began rapping in his early teenage year’s constantly free styling around his friends reflecting on personal experiences, upbringing and his surroundings. He began participating in several battles which helped him build and adapt new techniques as a future MC. This strongly pointed out his unique talent of rhyming and wordplay which many took an ear to. 
After much consideration and positive feedback Sinister felt he had to make his presence felt. In the winter of 2006 Sinister began independently recording at professional studios. He decided to dive into the music scene taking a much more serious approach expressing him the way he knew best.After a few years of recording lo and behold Sinister discovered his sound and established his own unique style. He began putting out series of independent projects which aided him in creating a necessary buzz to gain the attention of those two appreciated lyricism and real hip hop in his city. Sinister has been featured on countless mix tapes, promo CD’s, shot numerous videos which have featured on Much Vibe and WorldStarHipHop. He has done several live performances throughout the greater Toronto area from opening up for Fabolous to performing life at Dundas Square in front of thousands. With a combination of his unique style of rhyming alongside excellent delivery Sinister has gotten a great amount of convinced feedback from the public. This has motivated Sinister to continue to put out good music and break through into different markets expanding his ever so growing brand.


Entrepreneur. Producer. Artist. Songwriter. CEO. Those are just a few of his titles. Music. Clothing. Film. Fragrance. Just a few of the industries he will be conquering. N. Raina was born on May 24, 1983 in Toronto.  His rise began in the mid 1990s, when he became intrigued by the Hip-Hop movement in its adolescent stage.  N. Raina was inspired by artists from the late 80s to mid 90s.  His love and appreciation for the music industry led him to develop strengths in all aspects of the game, while his competitive nature has left him with the desire to conquer the industry and take it by storm.  N. Raina will be known for his unique style and carefree swagger, and most importantly for his philanthropic work. d carefree swagger, and most importantly for his philanthropic work.