Influenced by HipHop in the early 1990s, N. Raina began to write songs and rap.  At the age of 16, N. Raina met Sixx and they soon became very good friends with a mutual respect and love for music.  During a conversation, Sixx had mentioned to N. Raina that there was a producer in his old neighbourhood, who would get rappers and singers to come to his home studio, and lay down vocals over beats that he had produced.  This caught N. Raina's interest, and in turn N. Raina began to familiarize himself with several music production programs.  N. Raina's father realized his son’s passion for music and his desire to record his tracks, and he bought N. Raina his very first mic and mixer.  This was very encouraging to N. Raina.

At the age of 19, N. Raina, Sixx and another good friend Jarome aka Micro recorded their first song in Thunder Dome Sounds recording studio with Juno award winning producer, Eddie Bullen entitled 'The Sun Doesn't Shine Everyday".  While N. Raina was in the studio, his interest in the production side of music grew.  He soon found himself paying for extra studio time, so that he could learn a few things from the producers.  Soon afterwards, N. Raina, Sixx and Micro, also at the time known as Smoked Out Crew, were noticed and signed to a record label that had heard their demo.

Once signed to the record label, N. Raina realized the harsh reality of the music industry.  He did not like being told what his every move should be, and he felt as though his creativity was being suppressed.  It was no longer fun to record music, and N. Raina decided to leave the record label.  N. Raina understood the music business, and realized that he possessed all the necessary tools to run his own record label.    

About Dynasty 83 Records

Dynasty 83 Records


N. Raina enrolled himself in The Toronto Film school with the intent of obtaining a greater understanding of the production aspect of music, as well as learning the ‘in’s and ‘out’s of the music industry.  His dream was to start his own record label company.  After successfully completing the program, N. Raina registered his business and built a state of the art recording studio from scratch.

In 2007, N. Raina founded Dynasty83Records – a Toronto based Hip Hop/R&B label.